Tuesday, April 28, 2015

More Craft Show Inspiration

I had another incredibly inspiring week. Cindy Silas and I ventured up to Washington DC to take in the Smithsonian Craft Show at the National Building Museum. This show is much smaller than the American Craft Council show I wrote about previously, but (dare I say it), even more impressive.

Biba Schultz. Fabric covered, foam core
wall displays.

The jewelry makers were out in full force, of course. Biba Schultz, one of my favorites, had a really wonderful booth featuring cardboard tables and foam core wall hangings. It must have been so light to ship and easy to set up. I actually wonder if she orders the materials from each city she shows in and later abandons it.

I loved the ceramics by Sharon Brush, and just had to get myself a little somethin'. Don't you just love the shape of that large black piece in the back? The lid sort of looks like a boat... makes me want to take a journey.

And I was just charmed by the anthropomorphic, mixed media sculpture of Betsy Youngquist. I'm not usually attracted to this type of sculpture, but it was so well made and so happily whimsical, that it just made me smile all day.

I'm so lucky to live in an area with so much artistic yumminess going on. With DC, Baltimore and New York so close, and with so much going on in Richmond itself (where I live) - creative muses are all around me. Click on the photos to see them large and in charge.

What kind of artistic inspiration do you have around your home town? PMCC would love to see some pics! Post some to our FB page and let's share the love.

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