Monday, February 16, 2015

Group Inspiration

This week I'm heading up to Baltimore for the 3rd annual American Craft Council (ACC) extravaganza and sleepover with Donna Penoyer, Vickie Hallmark, and Cindy Silas. This year we'll be joined by Lorena Angulo. What a line up of creative inspiration!

I actually own this small sculpture by Kirsten Stingle.

Vickie is selling her jewelry in the wholesale show, and Lorena is selling hers in retail. The rest of us are along for the ride and to "walk the floor". Every kind of fine craft will be represented, from fiber to ceramics, to woodcraft, to the best and most imaginative jewelry, and more. Well, it's all the best and most imaginative - whatever discipline it is. I've noted the booth numbers of some of my Facebook 'friends' and I'm excited that I'll be able to meet them in person! There will also be quite a few artists there from Los Angeles who I used to do the Contemporary Craft Market with.

Emily Watson is one of the FB contacts I'll be looking for.

Everyone should try to get to a world class show like this at least once. ACC presents shows in Baltimore, Atlanta, San Francisco, and St. Paul. They also put out a fabulous magazine called "American Craft". I highly recommend you subscribe. The Sculptural Objects, Functional Art & Design Fair  (SOFA) takes place in Chicago. I haven't gone yet, but Vickie is a regular. Next year for sure!!

Liz Frank and I met in the movie business an eon ago. It will be fun to see her again.

Google 'fine craft show' to see if there's something going on closer to where you live.

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