Monday, December 8, 2014

Protecting Yourself with Video Security

For years I've kept my studio location a secret due to the precious metals and jewelry I have stored inside. Now, I'm teaching classes and participating in studio tours, so the general public is in my studio quite a bit.

My studio doesn't have running water which means, during a class, I must leave students alone in the room. Sometimes, there is only one student. On a studio tour, however, people crowd in and can easily pick something up without my knowledge. I had one ring walk away on a tour.

I believe my students are trustworthy, but the new ones are strangers to me. Add to that the missing ring during a tour, I decided to put in a video monitoring security system. An art gallery I have my jewelry in told me about their monitoring system which they have been very happy with. My husband also talked with a security company manager who told him not to use wireless cameras as they can be hacked.

The system has four cameras, for indoor use only, that work day and night (IR). It supplies full color video monitoring that can transmit to a mobile phone, the web, or can be hooked up to a monitor. It activates with motion, can be scheduled for certain times, or can be activated by remote. A motion alarm is also available. It records to its own hard drive so all you have to provide is a monitor, and electricity with a surge protector.

The whole system cost me less than $400. In fact, I found it on sale the week after I purchased it for only $299. It's sold by Harbor Freight and it has some good and some bad reviews. Most of the bad reviews were because the camera was placed outside and got wet. These are indoor cameras. Additional cameras can be purchased for this system at any electronics store.

I think its a good system for the money and is definitely better than nothing.

Until next time, have fun claying around!

by Janet Alexander 
Technical Adviser

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Radiant Jasmin said...

Thanks Janet, Happy New Year!

I have a Harbor Freight a minutes away from my house and they always send me 20% off coupons and coupons for a free something or other with and even without) a purchase.

I'll swing by there and take a look at this system soon :-)