Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A New Year's Toast

As I was going through some old issues of Studio PMC, I came across a mention of PMC Connection that announced our arrival in the world of metal clay. "In January 2001, PMC Connection began its operations as a direct importer and distributor of PMC supplies in the United States." PMC Connection has gone through many changes since we were born, from both internal moves and external forces. The one thing that has remained constant throughout the years, though, is you - our customers, friends, readers, and supporters.

As we move closer to our "Sweet 16", we'd like to thank you all for being a part of our family and offer the following poem as our best wishes to you.

Kittikun Atsawintarangkul -

'Tis the day before New Year's and throughout cyber space, 
All the artists are planning, their goals to embrace.
Use a word or a phrase to define all your dreams,
Let the chosen intention keep track of your schemes.

As the year moves along and you grow with your art,
Try to do so with pride, and with grace, and with heart.
Let each detail and aspect you mold with your hands,
Show the voice and aesthetic that defines your brand.

It's the joy in the making that keeps us inspired,
Doing all that we can so our jewelry's admired.
And the skills that we've garnered as we toil late at night,
Ensure all that behold it will squeal with delight.

So we partner with you to support your endeavors,
To bring you the tools that help make your fine treasures.
And all of our goals - our dreams, schemes and wishes
Are to help you fulfill all your artistic blisses.

Now let's raise a glass high to the inventive ones, 
To the makers, the teachers, the creative mums.
Let's all learn and let's play 'til we're full up with cheer,
And make 2015 the very best year!!
Happiest New Year from the whole PMC Connection team!


Vickie Hallmark said...

Talent! Love the poem. Happy New Year!

Lora Hart said...

Thanks Miss Vickie. Looking forward to beautiful work from your hands this year.

Cindy Pope said...

Happy New Year and thank for all the wonderful posts :)

Cindy Pope

Rosie Blowers said...

That was an awesome poem and inspiring. I'm going to work into the night and be as creative as I can this year. Thanks for providing the tools to do so. Happy New Year to all of you!

Amy Brandenburg said...

Very inspirational Lora! Happy New Year!

Lora Hart said...

Thanks Cindy, Rosie and Amy! Hope you all have a wonderfully creative year.