Friday, November 21, 2014

Testing PMC Flex Clay - Using the Cameo Silhouette

The new PMC Flex clay has some great qualities. The obvious is that it is flexible for a long period of time, making it perfect for cutting out on the Cameo Silhouette machine. Cindy Pope tested it in September and wrote about her findings on this Facebook page. She found that it cuts and engraves beautifully.

In this blog I wanted to test the clay a little further. My first experiment was leaving the clay sitting around to dry for several weeks. Sometimes, I don't get around to cutting the design right away, or I have leftover clay I want to cut. In this case, I didn't get around to it for a month.

I was able to engrave and cut the clay without issue, but I wanted to see how flexible the clay was. Could it be domed over a Perfect Match Dome?

I hydrated the clay with a wet brush and allowed it to soak in. I repeated the process over and over; however, it still didn't seem very flexible. I continued trying to rehydrate for several hours. I then tried bending the clay over the dome, but it cracked along the etching lines.

For my next experiment, I rolled some more clay out and dried it overnight. I etched the clay slightly less in depth and then rehydrated it as I had done with the last batch of clay. This time I could see that it was becoming more bendable after hydrating only twice. When I domed it, I pressed it into the dome instead of pressing over the dome. This supported the clay as I pressed it down. Success!

In review, it's best to cut, engrave, and dome PMC Flex within 24 hours of air drying it. Dome it by pressing into the dome instead of over the dome. 

Until next time, have fun claying around!

by Janet Alexander 
Technical Adviser

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Louise Shadonix said...

Good job Cindy! Love to see people working with the Silhouette and discovering it's possibilities!!!

You could also try the same technique by laminating the silhouette design onto a dried (metal Clay) dome.