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For years creative types used magazines, paste, and a large sheet of heavy paper, to compile a collection of images, words, and quotes that would inspire their art or daily lives. Called "Vison Boards", these collages were tools that helped a person remember influences, plan goals, and chart references. Today we can make use of the high tech, cyber hosted website, Pinterest, to curate entire galleries of photographs.

I'm sure many of you have already discovered Pinterest, some have visited but not yet begun your own page, and others may be put off by the addictive nature of the beast. I totally understand those folks. I avoided joining Pinterest for months for just that reason. "Another time vortex," I thought. Something to keep me from doing 'real' work, another sea to surf in the waters of the internet. But, once I got onboard, I realized what a valuable service Pinterest provides.

For those who may not know exactly how this site works, when you first join (just use your email address - you don't have to connect your FaceBook or Twitter accounts) your 'home' page will be filled with copies of the wide variety of images pinned by the vast universe of Pinterest members. When you 'follow' people or pin boards that you like and that speak to your own interests and aesthetics, the photos they pin will start filling your screen. You can simply 'like' an image or even better - you can re-pin it onto a board of your own. You can also pin images anywhere you see them on the web if you download the "Pin It" button. And, you can even upload an image directly from your computer using the + sign in the lower right of the page. You can create as many boards as you like, on any subject you like, and you can rearrange the order they are displayed on your personal page by clicking, holding and dragging them anywhere you like (I suggest you drag just one or two into place at a time, and then hit refresh to 'set' the board).

Don't know what to pin? How about making a board of just interesting clasps? Or stone settings you like? Or tutorials you want to remember? Of course you probably want a board filled with fabulous metal clay jewelry, but you'll also get a ton of ideas if you look closely at fabricated, historical, tribal, found object, or other kinds of jewelry. Pinning natural objects, architecture, wallpaper and other things might give you ideas for shapes or textures to use. Pinning home decor, fabulous food, and DIY projects will just be plain fun.

Take a look at all the various clickable links at the top of the Pinterest page. You can search for specific categories and pinners, take a look at generalized categories that are the most popular on Pinterest by clicking on the three horizontal lines, refresh the page by clicking the P logo on the left, see if anyone has commented on or re-pinned your photos by looking at the speech bubble on the right side of the page (the bubble is red if there's something to see), and much more. There are many tutorials on using Pinterest on YouTube, but the 'powers-that-be' at Pinterest are always fiddling and changing things around to make things more interesting for us - so what you see today may not be correct tomorrow.

Did you know that PMC Connection has a Pinterest account? And there's even a board there that you can pin to yourself? Just 'follow' us on Pinterest, then contact us on FaceBook (tag my name and I'll see it right away) and tell us you'd like to be added to the board "Metal Clay Favorites". Give us your email address or Pinterest address and we'll send you an invitation. The board will then magically appear on your own Pinterest site and you can add to it just the way you add to any other board. All we ask is that you do some research to give credit to the artist of any piece of jewelry you pin if it's not already listed.

** So many photos on Pinterest are uncredited and it's really a shame, so I'm on a mission to encourage folks to rewrite the description of a pin to include important information. When you click on a full size image, you'll be sent to the original source of that exact image. You can then (hopefully) see the artist's name and change the description below the photo. **

I've made 130 boards (at the time of this writing) focusing on jewelry and teaching, but also have some featuring my home design aesthetic, memories of LA, quotes, and other things that interest me. Feel free to take a quick look around and see if there's any board you'd like to 'follow'. You can 'unfollow' them at any time. Look at the stats above the photos on my personal (or other peoples) 'title' page and you can see who I'm following and who's following me. You can follow every single board with just a single click of your finger, or choose individual boards that look particularly interesting (you probably don't want to see links to Moving Tips do you?).

If you click on an image in a collection, you'll go right to the full size copy of it. If you look in the upper left above that image, you'll see the person who pinned it - then if you click on their name or avatar you'll be taken to their home page. It's a wonderful, vicious, circle of inspiration.

Want our readers to follow you? Go to FaceBook and leave the link to your own Pinterest board.

Posted by Lora Hart
Artistic Advisor

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