Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Work Bench Inspiration

This past weekend I visited the original colonial community of Old Salem, North Carolina. In addition to the amazing bakery; beautifully restored architecture; and charming brick, herringbone sidewalks; I was fascinated by the work being done in the authentic gunsmith's shop. The tools, bench set up, and methods of production may be slightly larger scale than those in the silversmith's shop (which is now a private residence and wasn't open to the public), but everything felt completely familiar. They even had a couple of Dockyard carvers in a tray, ready to incise filigree decorations into rifle butts.

I would have been happy to casually drop any of the tools into my pocket (if only the jail weren't right down the street). The one thing that I think I may try to incorporate into my kit was the corn cob handled files. What a great idea! Comfortable, molds to your individual grip, and free (after you've finished removing the buttery sweet goodness of the kernels).

All in all, a very inspirational trip back in time.

Posted by Lora Hart
Artistic Advisor

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