Monday, July 14, 2014

Tips on Working with Metal Clay Rings and Paste

I like to make my dry clay as finished as possible before firing. This makes polishing the fired piece easier later.

When I create a ring band in metal clay, I get rid of the seam by wetting the seam with a brush and then pressing clay into any lines and crevices. I use a flat clay shaper for this task.

After drying the ring band, I then sand it by wrapping a narrow piece of 320 grit sandpaper around a 1/2" wooden dowel rod. Use a wrist twisting motion to sand any imperfections out on the ring's inside surfaces.

I know we have all had the problem of paste drying out when not in use for a few days. Use a container with a tight lid, place a wet sponge in the bottom and then put the paste jar on top of the sponge. Close the container's lid tightly! This helps keep that paste from drying out so fast!

Until next time, have fun claying around!

by Janet Alexander 
Technical Adviser

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