Monday, July 7, 2014

Studio Mambo

See all that pink lipstick? And this is the table after being
cleaned. With cleanser!
Arranging furniture and work stations in my studio is a never ending process. When I moved to Virginia from LA a couple of years ago, I was so excited to be able to set up a permanent space in a private, off-site building. I used to work on my desk. And eat on my desk. And write on my desk. My life revolved around my desk.

Now, I have two lovely spaces situated around a main 'conference' area where I teach certification classes. One room is for bead, catalog, findings, and shipping materials storage. It also houses my two kilns. The other has a soldering station and two metal clay work tables. Along with other sorts of small storage units and drawers.

Earlier this week I saw that one of the other artists in this building had given up her space and left her big wooden work table behind. Score! She was a make up artist and mixed lip sticks and creme eye shadows on it, so there was a fair amount of clean up and sanding of edges and corners to do.

In preparation I decided to move around the furniture in my little studio. Funny saying that. I thought my desk studio was small. I moved in here and thought it was a palace. Now that I've been here two years, I wish it were bigger! Are we ever satisfied? Sigh.

I really got a good idea of how small it was when a couple of friends dropped in with their dogs. The original set up included a peninsula that I had to walk around. It looked nice, but in reality it was very inconvenient - like an obstacle course. Add in two extra human artists and two furry artists, and it was like a prison cell.

This new arrangement feels so spacious! At least it will until I drag that huge work bench in here. Then we'll see. It will house my small anvil very nicely, and perhaps allow me to set up a permanent place to take photos. Not quite sure yet. The possibilities are endless!

What kind of space do you work in? Load a couple of pictures onto our Facebook page, we'd love to compare notes.

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Janet Alexander said...

Nice SCORE!Nice Work Space! Thanks fro sharing!