Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Planning Inspiration

Welcome to 2014! As always, I'm seeing lots of online posts suggesting how to get the new year off to a fabulous start. Diet changes, exercise commitments, organization strategies, and lots and lots of inspirations for artistic creativity. On Facebook alone, there have been groups formed that suggest you draw a sketch a day, choose a word for the year to guide you, fabricate a piece of jewelry a week (your choice), and more.

I have to admit to getting sucked in every year for the past five years to one of these groups or another. Unfortunately I've never lasted the entire year. The best I did was the ring-a-day challenge. I think I made around 54 before fizzling out, but that group brought with it the opportunity to be featured in a Lark book and participation in a group show at the 2011 Seattle SNAG conference. Last year, I tried brooch-a-day and only did five. Didn't last a week. :( This year I'm really going to try to maintain my activity with Sketch-a-Day. That's not too hard, is it?

What is it about the allure of these kinds of challenges? I like the idea because they offer the possibility of learning and experimenting with new forms of fabrication, they stretch my imagination, and they make me think outside the box (is anyone else as tired of that phrase as I am?) Participating in a group challenge also allows me to work on my craft with the support and advice of fellow artists all over the world.

Have you ever taken part in a creative challenge? How far did you get? How did you feel at the end?

I don't regret either signing on, or bowing out of any of these groups. I learned a lot. Sometimes about my 'making' habits, and more often about myself. And that's a fabulous result for any artist.

Posted by Lora Hart
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