Friday, December 13, 2013

News Flash

Why am I writing about business? I’d rather write about the art process, creating from the soul, inspiration and motivation. Some day. For now, today’s business topic is your own Press Release and how to write one to your advantage. You might be wondering, “What could be newsworthy?” 

Are you going to a show? Are you traveling for your PMC business and work? Have you won an award? Are you the feature exhibit at a gallery or in a new gallery? Did you place well in a contest, or is a magazine publishing a photo of your work or an article you wrote?

I emailed my first press release to an editor at a local newspaper, thinking, "yea, right, fat chance, nothing newsworthy." The next week I couldn’t tell you how many times I heard, “Nice write-up about you in the paper.” I had to ask someone to save it for me so I could see it. Yup, exactly how I wrote it (at bottom of linked page). Ha. It was one of those moments where something worked so well it was shocking.

Does this sound like excellent public relations and free advertising? It does to moi.

Are you concerned that you may not have a provocative story line for an editor or reporter to put into print? Think about the Sunday section of newspapers, entertainment and arts sections or a business section. Every publication has space to fill with information to make known to the public.

The anatomy of a press release is important. The format is standard. News flash: deviate not from it if you want to see your work in print and to further entice the newspaper or publication to contact you because they want to do a full story on the piece.

Here is a link for a downloadable pdf that is excellent for writing a press release.

Press-release distribution services abound on the Internet, as do resourceful websites. Here are a few to get you started.

Resources Sites

Good luck with your news and your release. Be true to yourself in writing it. If something is exciting to you, it’ll be exciting to someone else. Keep us posted on your successes.

by Kris A. Kramer

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Lora Hart said...

I've been meaning to write a press release to tell of my move from LA to Richmond for over a year. Too damn lazy. But you just reinvigorated me! thanks Kris. Great information.