Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tips and Tricks for the Studio

Problem Torches

Have you ever had a problem with the small butane torch acting like its empty even though you just filled it? That's because over time compressed air from the butane can fills the fuel container. The torch is full of air.

Easily remove this excess air by unscrewing the valve on the bottom of the torch allowing the compressed air to escape. Then re-tighten the screw and re-fill the torch with butane.

Metal and Metal Clay Storage

A great way to store your metal is by placing it in file folders inside a box. I have mine sorted by wire shape, sheet thickness, and solders.

The shelf-life for PMC is one year, but sometimes you need to store it for a longer period of time. I store excess metal clay in the freezer. I find that it lasts for years this way and only takes 30 minutes or less to defrost. I've had some stored now for three years with no problems.

Until next time have fun claying around.

by Janet Alexander
Technical Advisor


Anonymous said...

I could sit and look for a very long time at the slide show of Metal Clay by Sr. Instructors and Metal Clay around the world! Gorgeous!

Cat Cannariato said...

Love the torch tip Janet! Thanks!!!

Janet Alexander said...

Cat Cannariato, thank you! If you have any questions or problems just ask.