Friday, October 25, 2013

What the Heck is This Black Stuff?

I had someone ask me about some black stuff growing on some stored metal clay, so I thought I would address the problem here.

When we wrap our metal clay inside plastic wrap, some of us will brush some extra water on it to keep it moist. This moisture can cause mold to grow on the metal clay. It is harmless and won’t hurt the clay. If you don’t like handling it, you can spray some isopropyl alcohol on it and then wrap it back up in new plastic wrap. This should kill the mold.

I have had no problems with the mold affecting my clay's final form.

Until next time have fun claying around.


by Janet Alexander
Technical Advisor


Anonymous said...

just a note regarding the mold. Mold hates an environment on the basic side. Never add baking soda to the clay, but I soak a paper towel in water with some (a little) baking soda dissolved in it. I put this on the outside of the plastic I use to wrap up the clay. Make sure it is wrapped well, and just put the wet paper towel in the case with your stash of opened clay packets.

Kenji - Kenem Bijoux said...

Thanks for the tip Janet. Ijust came across some yesterday. I normally put a drop or two of vinegar on the sponge in my jar and that will also keep the mold at bay. But you have to remember to not let your sponge dry out! :-)

Janet Alexander said...

Great tips Kenji and Anonymous! I would never have thought of the vinegar or baking soda!