Monday, September 23, 2013

Using Whacha Got

Do you have a Pinterest board? How many happy hours have you spent trolling the internet searching for inspiring imagery? Far from being a mindless time sucker, I believe Pinterest to be one of the most valuable social media tools ever invented for artists. Of course, we all create boards for some of our more mundane interests. I've made boards for things like recipes, home furnishings, moving tips, and memories of my home town - Venice Beach in Los Angeles. I've also pinned all sorts of beautiful jewelry, fine art, ceramics, glass, tutorials, and anything else I thought would be creatively enlightening. I've even started a board called "I See Jewelry" that features objects that could easily be re-imagined as adornment.

So much inspiration from this uncredited Tumblr image.
I see two brooches, a pair of earrings, and a hair ornament.
What do you see?
The question is not do we make pin boards, the point of the boards is in how we use them. Tagging photos that attract us and then forgetting to actually USE them as inspiration for new designs is entertaining - but dismisses the objective we had in the first place. Pinterest board photos need to be visited, re-visited, contemplated, distilled, dismantled, and re-formed into something beautiful and unique to be worth the time it took to collect them in the first place.

And even more than that, Pinterest can be viewed as a world wide cabinet of curiosities put together by the thousands (maybe even millions) of other pinners that inhabit the world of Pinterest. By clicking on the bulletin board thumbtacks/grey speech balloon icon to the right of your name, you can see how other pinners are attracted to the images you post. Then by clicking on those pinners, you can see what interests they have that you might not have considered before. I've been introduced to stunningly intricate and beautiful scientific micro organisms, and how some of those scientific images have been translated into art pieces by other makers, seen how people have taken iconic objects and totally transformed them; and just been totally blown away at the creativity and intellectual imagination of my compatriots.

Vina Rust's micro organisms as jewelry

The next time you 'waste' time surfing the world of Pinterest, switch gears and be more mindful of the images you're viewing. Observe the details, zero in on the elemental structures and forms that make up the whole of what you see. Try to re imagine and re conceive seemingly trivial aspects to turn them into inspiration for future projects.

Posted by Lora Hart
Artistic Advisor


Janet Bocciardi said...

Brilliant post to remind us to use our time wisely. Love that collage of interesting jewelry.

Janet Alexander said...

Great post Lora! Pinterest is full of valuable inspirations! I too will look at a simple detail on a piece or some texture and use it to design my own inspiration.

Lora Hart said...

Thanks to both Janet's. :)

Sometimes we get distracted by the awesomeness of images we see online and in person, and forget that every image or object is a compilation of thousands of individual elements.

I'd love to see the pieces you two make using micro imagery.