Friday, September 6, 2013

Class Ethics 101

As an instructor, I'd like to discuss some topics on class ethics - or rather, class consideration.

Last Minute Registrations 
So, you are thinking about taking a class but you're going to wait to register until the time comes closer so you're sure you can make it. Lots of people do it, so it must be OK. Right? Well, yes and no. The problem with this thought process is that if everyone waits until the very last minute to sign up for a class, the class might already have been canceled for lack of registration. Or, there might not be enough time for the instructor to purchase the supplies for the last minute stragglers.

It takes time for instructors to put together those class kits and sometimes items must be ordered a week or more in advance. Instructors are expected to have extra supplies on hand, but then they have their money tied up in extra supplies that may or may not be used for months.

So, wait if you must. But take the consequences of waiting too long into account when making your decision about when to register.

Arrive on Time
Being tardy really disrupts a class. When someone is late, the instructor must teach two separate groups and the students who arrived on time loose out on the time they would have had with the instructor. In some cases, a late student may even result in the class not finishing the proposed project for the day. Be considerate and make it a point to be on time.

Continuous Talking
Haven't seen your friend in ages? Dying to catch up? That's great, but don't do it while the teacher is giving instruction. Be considerate and take the conversation out of the room if you must talk. The other students paid good money to listen to the instructor and they shouldn't have to fight to hear over your conversation. And you never know, you might just benefit from hearing what is being taught.

Filming the class
Sure there are times when a short video will really help with your notes when you get home. But first ask the teacher if it's alright to record demonstrations and make sure you are not blocking the view for the other students. Get a list of the students and offer to send it to them if its alright with the instructor. But never put it up on the web for everyone to watch without the explicit permission of the teacher.

Until next time have fun claying around.


by Janet Alexander
Technical Advisor

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