Friday, August 23, 2013

It's All in How You See It

It's interesting to see where other artists find inspiration and how they interpret it while creating their designs. I've been a fan of reality, creative challenge shows for a long time. And almost every new theme producers come up with, I fall victim to. At the moment I'm watching not only the ubiquitous Project Runway, but also the tattoo competition Ink Master, and the special effects make-up challenge Face Off.

In these creative tournaments, contestants are given a single element and asked to design something unique. It's amazing how different each artist's interpretation is! Last night the aspiring PR designers were taken 'Glamping' (glamorous camping) and came up with inspiration as diverse as skeletal tree shadows against the night sky, the froth of rushing water, a dying moth in the bathroom, and a love letter written to a husband. The clothing they made from these elements was delightfully creative.

When looking for inspiration for your jewelry, keep in mind that there are not only the obvious elements to work off of, but a whole slew of nebulous aspects that might take your imagination in an entirely distant direction.

Take my green chair for example. I could make a mold of the elaborate carving, or set a piece of lime green turquoise (magnesite), or riff off the pillow and make an illuminated manuscript themed scratch foam texture. Or I  could meditate a bit longer and think of the room that held this chair and what other decor may have filled it, or imagine the woman who sat in it, or picture the craftsman who carved the details. Maybe looking at this chair would bring to mind a scene of 18th century France, which might lead me to think of a foggy walk along the Seine. Perhaps the upholstery itself would influence a curvaceous box design. There's no telling where my muse might lead me.

The next time you're dreaming up a new confection, take a moment to delve deeper, look at every aspect, and imagine every possibility.

Posted by Lora Hart 
Artistic Advisor

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