Friday, August 16, 2013

Creative and Professional Displays

All of us who sell our jewelry have the same problem: "How do I creatively display my jewelry at shows?"

I'm still on the quest. While I was at the recent Bead & Button show in Milwaukee I walked around looking and studying how everyone displayed their wares. I studied what booths I liked and why I liked them.

Was it because of the unique way jewelry was shown, was it the contrast of colors and textures, the varied display heights, or just the product being sold? Maybe its all of that and more.

I instantly knew what I didn't like. Jumbled messes of necklaces hanging together, booths that made me have to fight to get in to see what they were selling, jewelry without prices. I did walk away with some ideas. I wish I could have taken photos of the displays I liked, but the sellers may have thought I was trying to photograph their work.

I did stop and talk with one jeweler because her earring display solved a problem I had been experiencing. I had been using per-manufactured earring cards, but they didn't convey my brand and they were too short for my longer earrings. They were too generic and I had to hand write on the back of each card my name, the type of stone, metal type, and price. They were plain black cards with my ugly handwriting.

Looking at her booth, her logo, brand colors, and tag line were clear. These things were consistent throughout her booth. So, I asked her where she find long earring cards with her logo and colors printed on them. Her answer was simple. She used post cards. She made two earring cards out of one post card. Ingenious and cheap!

So I did the same. I created a post card that I could cut into two pieces. I placed white dots on the very top and bottom so I would know where to cut them into two pieces. Then I placed four white dots as a marker to put holes for my earrings. I used my background colors from my business card, tying in my brand, and then added my tag line.

On the back I have check boxes to state the type of metal and a place to write the stone type and price. My website is also listed. Very little ugly hand writing. I found a way to convey what I wanted a buyer to see and make it look more professional.

I still have some other display problems to solve, so I'm looking around to see what others are doing.
What are some of your unique ideas?

Until next time have fun claying around.


by Janet Alexander
Technical Advisor


kim said...

Thank you for sharing this great idea for larger earrings! I have a friend that does this with regular business cards too, dividing them into 4 sections, to be cut into 4 little necklace or bracelet tags...

Lora Hart said...

Thanks for the post Janet. This is also a great way to make two or four professionally printed care instruction cards to include in the purchase.

Next time you're at a show, just ask the artist if they mind your taking a photo. If you tell them why, they might not mind at all. Especially if you stand far enough back from the booth, so they know you're not taking close ups of the work.

Janet Alexander said...

Great ideas Kim and Lora! Thanks for the information.