Monday, July 29, 2013

Making it Your Own

With all the wonderful texture stamps out there to use, you'd think that just using the texture as it is makes your work look unique. Take a look around on Pinterest, FaceBook, and in metal clay magazines and you will see beautiful pieces in all different shapes and forms, but some with the same texture. I personally love some of the texture stamps and use them, but I then add my own carving and decoration to the texture making it my own texture. It's easy to do.

Here are some ways to give the texture a little twist making it different.

Add clay syringe decoration blending the clay into the texture making it look different.

Remove some of the texture by using a craft knife and cut out areas changing the design and then use small files to carve the design deeper and more precise adding a few changes along the way.

Add accents of enamel and small granulation to the texture.

Add decorative granulation to the texture.

Drill holes into the texture and add another medium. This ring has polymer clay in the holes


So, go ahead and use texture stamps as a starting point of your piece and then make it your own.
Until next time have fun claying around.

by Janet Alexander
Technical Advisor


Lora Hart said...

Great post Janet. I'm always trying to inspire my students to change up commercial texture sheets to make them unique. You can take it one step further with commercial cutters too, by altering the shape, cutting into one shape with another, and breaking the edges for a distressed finish. Thanks for this.

Janet Alexander said...

Thanks Lora! Great idea about alternating the commercial cutters!