Friday, May 17, 2013

Final Polishing - It's a Catch 22

Photo by Daniel Robinson
Have you ever spent a lot of time polishing your work to its perfection and then finding out you scratched up the other side while polishing? I have several ideas on how to keep that from happening.

If it's a ring, I polish the inside of the shank and then the outside. If it's a two-sided piece, I polish the back first, since it's not as important as the front. Once I finish the front, I can always sharpen up the back if I have created any scratches. And yes, I have many times.

If the front has projections that keep me from laying the piece flat, I find a way to help hold it while I work on the back. One way is to use a thick piece of leather. I am particularly careful to do this while engraving my name on the back. I have two types of leather, thick cow hide and soft deer skin. I use whichever one works best.

Here are some additional ways to hold your piece.

Use scratch foam or a take-out Styrofoam box. I press my setting into the foam and it holds my item in place while I polish.


A padded envelope works well also.

Until next time have fun claying around!

by Janet Alexander
Technical Advisor

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