Monday, April 1, 2013

Reverse Molds Update

Posted By Lora Hart

Artistic Advisor

When last we met, I was working on a project using Patrik Kusek's Woodland Chic stamp. I made reverse molds of a few different designs using two-part silicone molding compound. I then proceeded to make a number of teensy molded leafy bits and rocks. After they dried, I sanded them with 320 grit gray wet/dry sandpaper, a needle file, and a toothpick. Of course a few of the more delicate ones broke as I held them in my fingertips, but I have a long history of saving and using broken bits and pieces - so I didn't worry about having to rehydrate them.

Some of the broken pieces are on the side of the chamber.
In fact, the smaller broken pine boughs and rock segments added some much needed movement around the reliquary that I might not have thought about adding if not for my clumsy sanding technique. I also experimented with a few different design elements like granulation balls, and a central hanging bail. In the end, however, I decided to go with my signature 'mickey mouse ear' style.

"Into The Woods"
To decorate the reliquary's chamber, I used an art nouveau brass stamping and some mineral shards that I picked up at the last Purdue conference. Then off it went to Patrik for a photography session. I really enjoyed the reverse molding technique, and suggest you give it a try with a few of your favorite texture stamps!

In Other News...

• Submissions for Cindy Silas' book 'Clay Combinations' must be postmarked by midnight tonight! So - if you have a fabulous photo of a piece that contains both metal clay and polymer clay, go here to download the form, and submit, submit, submit.
• Lark has also extended the time to submit to Showcase 1000 Beads until May 10, 2013.
• 500 Metal Clay Objects (which will probably go by another name) won't have an official call for entry until the fall.

So get busy people! Make some beautiful work using our favorite material and show it to the world! And take a look at my article in the current Metal Clay Artist Magazine which gives tips for how to go about the submission process and other grand tasks. ;)

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