Friday, March 8, 2013

Box Making Made Simple

by Janet Alexander
Technical Advisor

In last week's sterling silver post, I test-fired PMC Sterling in a box I had made from stainless steel foil. Here is how I made the box.

This box fits inside my kiln that has inside measurements of 8" x 8”. The finished box size is 7” x 5”. With a longer box, I can now make longer items!

  • 309 or 321 Stainless Steel foil 
  • Ball scribe or ball point pen 
  • Scissors 
  • Ruler 
  • Permanent marker 
  • Burnisher 
  • Gloves
The Template

The Steps 
1.  Cut foil 12" x 10”.
2.  Layout lines per attached drawing.

Step 2
3.  Tape foil over a piece of cardboard or file folder.
4.  Score side and tab lines with scribe or ball point pen.
5.  Do not score the diagonal lines yet.
6.  Remove foil from cardboard.
7.  Cut out outside edges with scissors.

Step 7
8.  Flip over with the back side facing up.
9.  Score diagonal lines on each corner, per the template.
Step 9
10.  Fold each side over a ruler to make them fold straight. 
Step 10
11.  As you fold the sides upward allow the corner diagonal lines to fold inward. 
Step 11
12.  Fold the diagonal corners so that they lay against the box’s short end. Then fold ½” tab down over them to hold them in place. 
Step 12
13.  Fold tabs on both long sides down.
14.  Burnish all folds with a burnisher making them firmer.

You can download these instructions and the box lid instructions here.  In the meantime, have fun claying around.

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Lora Hart said...

Great tute, Janet! Thanks for the step outs.