Monday, February 25, 2013

A Seat at the Table

By Jennifer Roberts

We’ll be meeting with representative from Mitsubishi this evening and tomorrow. If you were joining us, what would be on your mind?What would you want Mitsubishi to know or consider for 2013?


Libellula Jewelry said...

I recently read an article that forecasts that the price of silver will fall a bit more. I'd like to see that reflected (at least a bit) in the price of PMC.

kim said...

to please keep making the pmc3!

Anonymous said...

I am distressed by the discontinuation of PMC Standard. I value it for it's high shrinkage and the level of detail that it provides.
Please reconsider!

Joan said...

PLEASE do not discontinue the Original PMC!! I love the detail and the ability to get max shrinkage on a design to get the perfect size.

Jen said...

Thx everyone. We had a very productive day and all of your comments and concerns were relayed to Mitsubishi.
- Jen