Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Note to Self...

Posted by Lora Hart 
Artistic Advisor

This morning I searched my favorite travel site looking for the best airfare to next year's SNAG conference in Toronto. The conference is in May 2013, but I want to plug it into my calendar and buy the ticket so I don't procrastinate, or find an excuse not to go, or just plain get caught up in my day-to-day life, and miss out on the opportunity.

This past summer I let a few creative prospects pass me by. There were calls for entry; teaching possibilities in the Southwest and Northeast; a major, fine craft exhibition; and a local show that were all planned or presented without me because I allowed myself to be sidetracked by life. I didn't make the travel plans or write the syllabus, or do whatever prep needed to be done to ensure my participation in the timely manner required.

Not only does one need to know about the submissions, proposals and events before they happen or merely plug them into a calendar, you must actually create a plan of action, perhaps months in advance, and detail the action steps in the calendar before the event's deadline. A calendar that you'll actually look at from time to time. Oh - I have a slick calendar on the wall of my studio with pretty, inspirational pictures in it, and others on my computer, phone, and iPad. There may even be dates flagged and cryptic notes jotted in the little boxes of days - but all to often I look at it, only to be dismayed by my last minute perusal, lack of planning, and poorly described happening. So, out I go today (as soon as the shops open) to buy a nice, big, boring, utilitarian calendar/journal/book in which I can write long messages to myself in the clean, white, empty pages that will (hopefully) turn my good intentions into plans of action.

November  15 2012, Ornament my Dear Metal clay design competition sponsored by Metal Clay Today.

January 14 2013, Tales of the Heart - Competition sponsored by Mitsubishi Materials.
Details and more info here.

May 15 - 18 2013, Toronto. SNAG conference - Meta Mosaic, Society of North American Goldsmiths. Not just for metal workers - this is a fabulous all-jewelry conference that will provide a similar educational experience to our beloved metal clay conferences.

June 2013, Palm Springs Ca. Metals Week at Idyllwild. Metals Week is designed to be a week of creative and social renewal where you can relearn how to be open to learning and seeing from a creative perspective. Five full days with one instructor - focusing on hard metal techniques. Following metals week is a one week intensive with metal clay artist Jonna Faulkner in the same idyllic surroundings. 2013 program TBD.

August 9 - 12 2013, San Diego Ca. Metal Clay by the Bay - A premier conference for All metal clay artists. Classes offered in paired teamings by some of the best instructors around.

September 5 - 8 2013, Connecticut. Metal Clay MoJo - A multi faceted program including technique demonstrations, presentations, round table discussions, panel discussions, critique sessions, open studios, and more. Post conference classes will also be offered.

November 1 - 3 2013, Chicago. SOFA Art and Design Fair - Gallery Presented Masterworks of Contemporary and Modern Art and Design. An exhibition of some of the best fine craft artists and galleries in North America.

Ongoing - Crafthaus - Calls for entry and job opportunities are listed for members. Online exhibition opportunities as well as print publications and live shows/xhibitions are shared here.
 Lark Books - Submission details for upcoming Lark Books publications. Up now - 500 Traditional Quilts. Deadline February 28.

No date yet, but check here for information on the next Art Clay World Conference in Europe.

Registration closed for 2013 - The Saul Bell Design Award - Don't miss out in 2014. Dates to be announced.

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Angela Crispin said...

the French Meteor Clay's competition, original source announcement:

t's open to everyone!
X'mas is the deadline!
I'm adding the translation of their web page text and useful links below.

Good luck to everyone!



"Meteor Clay Contest: To your creations!

To celebrate the launch of the new range of Meteor UltraFine (UF) metal clay, we offer you an open challenge to all. Prizes consist of Meteor UltraFine metal clay (around 150 euros price!)

Theme: Finesse and lightness!

Your accomplishments can evoke the delicacy of lace, butterfly agility, subtlety and fragility of a drape, etc ... Let your imagination run!

You have until Christmas to submit the photo (or photos) of your creations by email:
meteorclay AT live DOT fr (replace symbols where necessary)
on facebook:
or through a post on the forum Pates de Métal :

1st prize: 150g Copper UF UF + 150g Golden Bronze 150g White Bronze UF

2nd prize: 150g Copper UF + 150g Golden Bronze UF

3rd prize: 150g golden Bronze UF

4th Prize: 1 sample pack (1 tube of 30g of each UF clay)

Good luck to all of you!

Météor Clay"