Monday, October 1, 2012

Seen / Unseen

Posted by Lora Hart
Artistic Advisor

Hear ye, hear ye! Get thee over to Crafthouse immediately for some amazing inspiration! Metal clay artist, Lorena Angulo, has curated an amazing exhibition called Behind the Brooch which focuses on the hidden side of jewelry.

Lorena Angulo. 'Corliss Calivera'. Bronze, Copper and Silver metal clay.
In all of my classes I try to inspire my students to take as much care with the back of their pieces as they do with the front. Make sure the reverse is beautifully finished, add embellishments, perhaps set a stone. Give the wearer a reason to make your work the first thing they grab out of their jewelry box in the morning. Every element of design adds another layer of delight, intrigue or introspection. Each detail makes the work more complete and, dare I say, artistic.

This exhibition brings together artists from around the world, sharing their visions, their ingenuity, and their unique voices. A wonderful opportunity for exploration from the comfort of your own home. I was also very interested to read their statements regarding the work. All of the statements were short (around 50 words), and were not only informative, but reading their views or about their process added so much more to my understanding of their work.

(Edit) Lorena put together an inspiring and cohesive collection and I'd like to thank her for the inspiration.

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