Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And the Winner Is. . .

by Jennifer Roberts

Metal Clay Artist Magazine is out and the winners of the Metal Clay Plus competition have been revealed!

Looking at the pieces, I am struck by the role of movement in all four.
There is, of course, literal movement in Milica Popovic Bubanja' ring and Kimberly Nogueira's pendant. To create and integrate a complex mechanism into an aesthetically pleasing piece is a remarkable accomplishment. But the static pieces also move. Both Liz Potter Hall's pendant and Noortje Meijerink's sculpture give the sense of movement suspended - captured in a split second as gears turn or a bird stretches skyward.

While not planned, I think the thread of movement that ties these pieces together (at least for me) is so appropriate for metal clay at this moment. It's a quickly
evolving medium and the community is in flux. We're growing fast and the institutions that form the backbone of the community are being re-born. It's an exciting time to be a metal clay artisan.

Congratulations to the winners. . . .

Honorable Mention
Milica Popovic Bubanja
 Vintage Fabric Silver Clay Ring

Third Place
Liz Potter Hall


 Fine Silver Polymer InnerWorks Pendant

Second Place
Noortje Meijerink
Copper Clay Porcelain Bird Speedy

First Place
Kimberly Nogueira
(US Virgin Islands)
Metal Clay Automaton Pendant


Click images for larger view.

Thank you Metal Clay Artist Magazine for another great contest. 
We were honored to be a part of it.

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