Friday, May 18, 2012

A New Way of Attracting A Buyer to Your Website

by Janet Alexander
Technical Advisor

I have now caught up with technology at least for the next month. My husband gave me a smart phone for Mother’s Day. At first I was a little lost with what to do with it. My other phone was seven years old and didn’t even send text messages. I’ve learned  a lot about the new technology in the week I’ve owned it, like what  an app is used for, and what these cute little black and white squares are that I see everywhere!

This tiny symbol is called a QR code.  It stands for Quick Response. With the help of an app I’ve downloaded onto my phone, I can now scan a QR code and my phone reads the information stored on the code! This information can be about nutrition values on the side of a box of cereal or just about anything - including linking to your Etsy point of sale website, PayPal buy button, a map of your location, your YouTube video with your portfolio, and more.

With a little research, I found out that I can have my very own QR code! And it’s FREE! Your code can also be in color! You are not limited to the simple black and white version. I got my code from this website QR code generator

Now what does this have to do with metal clay you say…  Well, not a lot, though I could turn my own code into a ring or a pendant in metal clay by making a stamp out of the drawing. Hmm, that would be cool. 
But, here is what I have done. I needed new business cards and post cards for the up and coming Bead & Button show. So, I printed my code onto the cards. Now when someone scans my business card or post card it takes them straight to my website. How cool is that!

As of right now, the technology for code readers isn’t that advanced. But in the near future, the code will be able to automatically place your contact information into the end user’s contact list.

The code even works on a computer screen.  So for those of you who have the ability to scan check out where this code takes you.

Until next time, have fun claying around.



Unknown said...

I already tried making a stamp with the QR code to put on metal clay jewelry without much success. If you have any luck maybe you can tell us about it!

Lora Hart said...

Wow! I've been wondering what those things were. Great information. Tell us how many hits you get after the B&B show.

Janet Alexander said...

Lora, I sure will. The code I put on my card takes them to a free tutorial download. In return they give me their contact information.

Hi Unknown, I haven't tried making one yet, it was just a thought while writing this blog.

Anonymous said...

That is great information. I had no idea that I could devise one of those clever symbols of my very own. Putting it on business card is a super idea.

Elizabeth Frank said...

Thanks for writing this post Janet. I posted a question about them on my Facebook page after being asked to generate one. I didn't know how or why! Your blog was really helpful! And thank you Lora for sharing the link!