Monday, February 6, 2012

Challenge Success

Congrats goes to our own Senior Instructor Teva Chaffin for a beautiful entry in the CornerStone Challenge!

Original Inspiration Photos

Teva was inspired to make this lovely, gothic window pendant and really rocked the design by including a weathered tree trunk to add a sense of depth and dimension to the vista. Thanks for playing along Teva.


Anonymous said...

I am not inspired by this. How many others entered?

Linda Reboh said...

I would really like to enter more of these contest. The reason I don't is that I don't find your site as far as challenges to be user friendly as it could be. I'd love to send in my photos and have all the entries posted on your site instead of flicker. Just a suggestion.
I think that the entrie is very well excuted and like the use of the bark. I believe when you make a comment like this piece did not inspire me for that to be constructive it should be followed by why it did not inspire you. Again, this is just a suggestion.

Kim said...

i love your pendant--the shadowbox form is one of my favorites, and i adore the little details and colorful outside view :)

Joy Funnell said...

Lovely piece, well done. Sadly I ran out of time to make mine! :( Must try harder for the next one :)