Monday, January 9, 2012

First and Last

Posted by Lora Hart
Artistic Advisor

Announcing the first CornerStone challenge for 2012, and the last one before Metal Clay Artist Magazine's "Metal Clay Plus..." design competition deadline of February 29th.

Use one of these four images as inspiration for your design. Keep in mind that inspiration doesn't mean that your piece needs to resemble the source image (although it can). You can use any tiny aspect of the image - the color, a shape, or the feeling it evokes. Sit for a few moments and gaze at the image that most intrigues you. Think of a few words to describe it. Is it whimsical or moody? How 'bout avante garde or peaceful? Does your chosen picture suggest movement or permanence? How might you use those words to fuel your design? Sketch a few variations based on the details that caught your imagination and transform one of them into reality!

Images sourced from Pinterest and Flickr

In keeping with last week's post, and MCAM's own design requirements, we'd like to encourage you to upset your own apple cart a bit and use a second, non-metal material, that you may not have worked with before. We'd really like to see you take a risk, think outside your box, and push yourself to do something new.

Make any piece of jewelry or table top item using metal clay (any color) and another material and post the results in the CornerStone Challenge Flickr group.
  • Each material must be featured (almost) equally, visually if not in mass.Include a description of how you made your piece and tell us about your inspiration. There's a space for text right under the photo.
  • Be sure to write your real name with the description of the piece.
  • A winner will be chosen based on their interpretation of the image, innovative use of the second material, and quality of craftsmanship. The winner will be notified via Flickr mail.
  • The quality of the photograph will not be taken into consideration, but busy backgrounds, out of focus pictures and shots that are too wide will make viewing the details of your work difficult. Remember that cropping is your friend. Picnik offers free photo editing software that will help you color correct and crop your photos online.
  • The final day to post your work will be Saturday, February 4th. The winner will be announced right here on the blog on February 6th and will also be featured in our newsletter.
As an extra enticement - PMCC is happy to offer the winner a $25 gift certificate to

Happy Creating!

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