Monday, December 5, 2011

Going Up!

Posted By Lora Hart
Artistic Advisor

"Hi! My name is Lora Hart. I'm a Senior Instructor and the Artistic Advisor for PMC Connection. As a metal clay maker, teacher, and enthusiast, I love inspiring creative entrepreneurs to discover, re-imagine and refine their artistic voices, develop a conscious intention for their business, and fine tune their working practice. Working one-on-one with emerging artists to take their craft to a new level is one of the most rewarding aspects of my business."

How many times have you been introduced at a party and gotten tongue tied when another guest asked what you do? It's happened to me too many times to recall. What about when someone comments on a piece of jewelry that you're wearing? And how will you describe your craft when it's time to work on a business plan?

You're the best PR person you'll ever have the pleasure to work with. You know exactly what it is that makes you special. Maybe the time has come for you to start sharing that magic with anyone who asks. Wanna write how-to articles? Submit to calls for entry? Interview for teaching opportunities at art centers and colleges? Coming up with a short, introductory, statement in advance will allow you to confidently explain your passions whenever the situation arises.

It's what's known as an 'elevator speech'. A brief blurb that tells your audience a little bit about your life in 15 - 60 seconds. You might include information about your family, day job, hobbies or second job (like jewelry making), or any other interests you have. It's a kind of verbal business card.

The 30 second example at the beginning of this article is one I might use at big jewelry conferences or Guild meetings. I wrote another version to promote my jewelry to potential buyers or galleries. It's a good idea to target each speech towards a specific audience.

The last PMC Guild sponsored metal clay conference is coming up next June in Kentucky. Wouldn't it be fun if we all introduced ourselves with fabulous elevator speeches? Here are some tips to get you going on yours:

• Be sure to include your name.
• Tell an interesting story.
• Share the wonderful details that you think define your life, work and/or craft.
• Talk about your inspirations and how they make you different.
• Keep it short and sweet.
• Let it rest overnight. Re-read it with fresh eyes and re-write until you think it's practically perfect.
• Record yourself. Listen to the rhythm and timing.
• Tighten it up and use a Thesaurus to come up with alternative words that might make the talk more compelling.
• Practice on friends and family until it falls trippingly from your tongue.
• Use it to take you, your craft, and your goals, to the next level of success.

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Vickie Hallmark said...

Definitely something I SHOULD do!