Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Challenge Success

Congratulations to everyone who took the time, made the commitment, and indulged their creative spark by joining in on this month's CornerStone Challenge! Thank you for entering such inspiring work.

'Stoneware Spoons. The bowls of the spoons were formed in molds I made from shells, an antique button, and a walnut. The spoons were bisque fired and then the bowls glazed. After firing again to cone 6, the spoons were coated with PMC paste and decorated with PMC lump clay and syringe. Additional materials are dichroic cabochons, glass cullet, glass clay, and peridot. After firing, the decorative elements were colored with alcohol inks and then patinated with liver of sulphur.'
Happy Shopping to Barbara Rivolta who entered her beautifully designed spoon collection. Although the photo Barbara took is not quite up to submission standards, the work she created is imaginative, well executed and very innovative. Thank you for a well thought out entry. Please contact PMC Connection to claim your prize.

The way a submission is completed is really the most important part of the process. Photos should be in focus, and cropped to highlight the piece. Backgrounds should be uncluttered and neutral. If other information is requested - like materials, inspiration, or title - be sure to include it or your entry may not be considered at all. Picasa is a wonderful, free, website that offers photo editing services. If you're in the market for a point and shoot camera, try to find one with image stabilization (IS). All of my own submission photos are taken by a professional, but to archive pieces as they are made, I just use the auto focus option which takes very presentable shots. A piece of frosted glass backed by black paper gives me a lovely pseudo gradient background.

'Dreams of Rome' by Lora Hart. Sterling silver, roman glass, pearl.
For a professional submission, the putty holding the ring
upright would have to be removed from the shot.
If the entry will be published on the internet, be sure your photos are downloadable. Here are some other examples of well presented entries. 

Fall Leaves by Julie Johnson. Fine silver, Dichroic glass.
The props in this photo reflect the theme of the pendant, and
although it may not be considered for some print publications,
their inclusion does not distract from the jewelry.
'Fall Blossom' by Chris Brooks.
Fine silver and stainless steel mesh.
This photo is in focus, cropped well and the earrings are beautifully designed.
However there is not much contrast between the color of the background and the earrings.
'Real Leaf' by Harriet Warkel. Fine Silver and Pebeo vitrea paints.
Although I'm not a fan of submitting work presented on jewelry forms,
and this shot is a bit dark, the work is centered, in focus, and the
cropping draws your eye to the focal point.

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