Friday, November 4, 2011

Metal Clay & Enamel

by Jennifer Roberts

We've gathered more inspiration for the latest PMCC-sponsored Metal Clay Artist Magazine contest.

The theme is “Metal Clay +” which means:

“Metal clay needs to be featured prominently in the design. You can use any kind or combination of metal clays you wish! The rest of the piece must include one or more non-metal materials – resin, polymer clay, glass, enamel, porcelain, bisque, cement, beads, fabric, found objects, etc.”

We are exploring some of the possibilities for that "+" and last month we looked at found objects. This month, we've got two posts, starting today with metal clay + enamel, compliments of our talented Senior and Certification Instructors.

From solid blocks of color to watercolor type effects, enamels are a beautiful way to add color to your work.

Leslie Tieke
"Blue Moon" (top)
Pendants (bottom)

Gale Schlagel
Pendant and Earring Series

And one from our Project Guide Editor
Nellann Roberts

More "+" ideas coming soon!

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