Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet Our Teachers...

Introducing: Sharon Gillespie

How long have you been working with metal clay?
Eleven years.

What did you do before that?
Stained Glass, Eggery, Oil Painting.

What other mediums do you work with?
Glass, Eggs, Paint.

How did you come to be a PMC Connection Senior Teacher? What year?
In 2009 I was recommended by Sherry Fotopoulos and Marlynda Taylor.

What do you think is the most exciting aspect of teaching?
I have the honor of giving someone the wonder and excitement of discovery. Every time I see the look of wonder in a student’s eyes, it makes me happy. I can’t imagine doing anything other than teaching.

Do you have a studio in your home? What does it look like?
I designed a beautiful studio that overlooks the 18th green at Twin Rivers Golf Course. I have a picture window where I sit with granite counter tops. I am surrounded by things I have made which sit on display shelves around the room. I am so at peace there.

Do you teach at home or another venue?
I started a co-op in Robinson, Texas that I completely stocked from my business. Each member pays a fee and can go there on their own to work on their art without having to buy their own kilns.

Do you like to take classes yourself? What kind?
I love all classes and I will take almost anything to do with photography, jewelry, metalsmithing, glass or whatever peaks my interest. I have always gotten something out of every class I have taken.

Do you sell your work? Where?
I have my art in two galleries. I also sell to friends and sometimes even someone I meet while out and about.

Where do you find inspiration?
From other artists, from being quiet and letting my mind design something that I dream up, and from nature.

What are you working on at the moment?
I am making another saddle and some kaleidoscopes. I love the fact that pmc and silver can be used in other ways besides making jewelry. I want to create small objects of art.

Where has your work been published?
My work has been published at PMC Connection. I have been shy about submitting my things to magazines and other media. My eggery has been published and I am also on the web. I have had some local articles written about my work.

Tell us about an artistic hero or influence.
I have really been influenced by Sherry Fotopoulos and Hattie Sanderson. They both are wonderful artists and great teachers.

Is there a new direction that you’d like to explore?
I am open to pretty much anything.

What else would you like to tell us about yourself?
I am a wife and mother, first and foremost. I enjoy meeting people and because I am a teacher at heart, I like helping them. You can’t shut me up trying to tell you how to do things! I have owned several businesses. “The Busy Needle”, “The Country Mouse”, “House of Eggery”, “Collage Boutique and Studio”, “Collage Studio” , “Gillespie Trucking” and “Caylor Sports Sands”. I love to sell stuff and have trouble ordering one of anything. I have accomplished a lot of things from driving race cars, water skiing, to teaching belly dancing.

Thanks for giving us this insight into your life Sharon. That saddle is fabulous and deserves to be seen! Glad we were able to give it it's introduction to the art world.

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Anonymous said...

Sharon is a fabulous person and teacher! I'm so lucky to have been able to know her and work with her. Her sense of humor, insight and talent have inspired me and many others! She's introduced metal clay to so many people throughout the country and is a true leader in our community of metal clay artists! Love you Sharon!