Thursday, April 14, 2011

Double Negatives Create Positively Beautiful Design

Posted by Jennifer Roberts

Join us at the PMCC International Artists' Retreat, May 2-6, 2011 and learn how focusing on negative space can open up whole new worlds of design.

Accentuate the Negative with Lora Hart

Negative space and intentional voids make a powerful statement when what’s left out is just as important as what’s included. Learn how to incorporate nothing into your work as you make an intricately pierced pendant. Focus will be on form - using custom made templates, fine finishing, and uniform surface treatments that will allow the beauty of the design to shine. Alternate ways of piercing will be discussed and demonstrated. Previous experience with metal clay preferred.

Mon, May 2, 2011
Class & Materials Fees Class Fee: $210.00
Bench/Materials Fee: $25.00

Students Buy or Bring: 18 grams of PMC+ or PMC3

Negative Space Caning with Holly Gage

Negative Space Caning is a high-energy workshop focusing on creating filigree, chambers for enamel or polymer inlay, and patterns easily duplicated for tessellating designs by combining Metal Clay and a combustible material that disappears after firing in a kiln. Holly has been working on lots of new uses for this technique. In the photo at left, she explores making complex canes and 3-dimensional forms.

Holly shows us a quick glimpse into the process:

First you make various canes where you layer a combustible material and Metal Clay - she'll discuss what combustibles work and which don't.

To make the complex cane, she puts several canes together to form the design - it looks very intricate when done, but this technique enables you to make several detailed components more easily then you'd imagine.

Then she slices the canes - there are several ways to do this and she breaks it all down.

To make the centerpiece, she builds the components over a doming plate. - she makes it look so easy.

This exciting new technique developed by Holly Gage is a springboard idea for looking at and working with Metal Clay in a whole new way.

The class will include a presentation and handouts on the basic cane-making process, what combustible materials are suitable for the process, as well as simple and advance assembly techniques. You will also be introduced to how a complex cane is designed and created. Your finished piece will be of your own design ready for polishing and a patina at the workshop or inlaid on your own.

Wed-Thurs, May 4-5, 2011
Class & Materials Fees Class Fee: $425.00

Bench/Materials Fee: $65.00 (PMC included)

See the full schedule and make plans to attend today!

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