Monday, April 25, 2011

Artist’s Journal: Meet Lois Lynn

Editor’s note: PMCC is proud to launch our new series, Artist’s Journal. We’ve asked artists to join us for an in-depth look into their journeys with PMC. Some are beginners, some know their way around metal clay – and all are willing to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with all of us.

Meet our first artist, Lois Lynn. . .

Recently I received an email from my certification teacher inviting me to a PMC open studio. It’s been two years since I handled PMC and I really miss it, all of it…the group, the medium, the jewelry! I’m not going to let this opportunity go. So I begin…again.

Before moving to Florida, I was a career teacher in my native Virginia. Not much time for art. I taught grades four through eight, the majority of which I spent teaching intellectually gifted students. This was the highlight of my teaching career because I was allowed to teach whatever subjects I chose. I explored design, fine arts, the social sciences and psychology and developed hands-on experiences in many areas, among them museum studies, archeology, design and studio art.

Through these expeditions, I found that I had the heart of an artist. I also found that the form of teaching I cherished was really that of a mentor. I made a promise to myself that when I retired, I would allow myself the joy of doing both.

My first art classes were at the local museum and while viewing a local artist exhibit I came across the most intriguing piece… made from PMC. It was a necklace with an ammonite as its inspiration…so intricate…so exquisite…and not made by any of the traditional bench methods. I was so taken with it that its image is still with me. The museum offered a course in PMC so I took it. When my first piece came out of the kiln, I was amazed. It was a real piece of jewelry! I was hooked.

So, here I am…blogging about my experiences with PMC. Got that mentoring thing in, didn’t I? I’ll be writing about transitioning to PMC3, trying out new tools and experimenting with other PMC products. Also, when I get inspired to make a piece (which is most probably impossible to make) you’ll hear about the crazy things I try to make it happen. Yes, I’m all about pushing the envelope.

I hope you will enjoy my journey back into PMC. I’m very excited to be in this place… to be able to revel once again in that creative, almost intoxicating environment with these spirited women. I can already feel my sense of joy is re-igniting. I’m a happy girl!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you again!

Lois Lynn
Rockledge, Florida


Linda Kline said...

Lois, I am so happy to see you here! Your work is amazing. You have been a fun, generous, and joyful addition to Studio....always so eager to help others and contribute to our lively, spirited group of crazy artists! I adore you...Linda

Lora Hart said...

Glad you have you with us Lois! I'm excited to see where your path will lead you. You certainly have a wonderful head start. The work shown here is beautiful.