Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Friends in Japan

Posted by Jennifer Roberts

Any time a natural disaster strikes, our hearts go out to the people affected. We listen for news and watch our TV’s, hopeful for good news. When we see images of devastation, we recognize how lucky we are to be safe and we do what we can for those who are not.

The metal clay community has a special relationship with Japan – the birthplace of PMC. In the 24 hours following the earthquake, we slowly received word that friends in Japan are safe, as are their loved ones. And now we wait again, hoping that they stay safe as Japan deals with a frightening and sad situation.

I rest assured in the belief that the ingenuity and determination that led to the invention of such an inspiring medium are enduring qualities. I am reminded of the Japanese proverb I heard as a kid that has stuck with me my entire life: Fall down seven times, stand up eight. I believe that the people of Japan will do just that, and in the meantime, that the metal clay community will do whatever it can to help our friends through a terrible ordeal.

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