Friday, March 25, 2011

Let's Get Together!

Posted by Lora Hart
Artistic Advisor
Do y'all know about Crafthaus? The Ning hosted  website is the brainchild of self described craft nerd and mixed media artist Brigitte Martin. CH is a little corner of heaven in cyber space where Professional craft artists display their work, and connect with each other across all fields of interest.

As metal clay artist's we are lucky to have more than one cyber "community center" where we can find support, view other's work and find out the latest happenings and advancements in our field. Crafthaus offers another venue where jewelry makers, ceramists, fiber artists, cabinet makers (woodworkers) and other crafters can gather, become inspired and communicate with each other in one easy-to-access location.

Among it's pages are stunning photos, videos, blogs, how to's, discussions, challenges, calls for entry and gallery showings. All in cyber space. A couple of great posts cover Photographing Small Scale Work, making one of a kind work vs. a production line , there's a great group that offers suggestions and answers questions about bench problems and a business blog called eMERGE (check out the pricing article by Anne Havel). Just scroll down the extremely long front page to see all the different offerings in both side columns.

I have to admit that I haven't taken the time to explore all that Crafthaus has to offer. I think I'll spend some of my ID (indirect labor) time surfing this weekend.

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