Monday, March 7, 2011

Kudos and Creativity

Posted by Lora Hart
Artistic Advisor

And The Award Goes To...
The excitement has been building, the artists have been designing, principal photography has been completed, the nominees have gathered on Flickr to screen their masterpieces.  Today the results will be broadcast the world over! And no one had to squeeze into a couture gown or fight through crowds of paparazzi to learn the results.

Our first Creative Key challenge got off to a lovely, gentle start. Thanks to all those who took part.  Congratulations to Kylix007 and her "Creature of the Heart" for snagging a fiber firing container and carbon. WingsofDragonz included the sweet poem that inspired her flower seed packet butterfly - "You are the butterfly, and I am the dreaming heart".

Senior Instructors Ruth Greening, Peggy Houchin and Sharon Gillespie joined in the fun as well, with their interpretations of the theme "Heart's Desire".

Word Play
CornerStone's Creative Key challenges are intended to inspire you to think more deeply, to use your vast imagination to interpret the theme words or phrases in your own way and design something uniquely personal.

Words can be a wonderful way to jump start the design process, develop a signature style, or define the meaning behind your work. Take the phrase we used last month. "Heart's Desire". I'm pretty sure that the first thing that came to everyone's mind was an image of a traditional Valentine type heart. Now sit quietly, close your eyes and see what other pictures develop as you meditate on the phrase. Perhaps you're reminded of a trip to a distant shore that you've been longing to take, or have the desire to go back in  time, or dream of a box filled with exotic treasures. Maybe you know someone who is being challenged with heart disease.  How can you interpret the image that appears in your mind's eye to develop a design that gives voice to your artistic soul? Consider the possibility of transforming your vision into an abstract interpretation.

Challenge #2
While there won't be a challenge every month - let's keep the momentum going with another holiday inspired theme. March Madness meets the wearing of the green on St. Patrick's Day! Shamrocks, gnomes, and cheeky pinches may spring to mind. But what about green eyed monsters, greener grass, Saints, old boyfriends named Patrick (yes, I had one of those), conservation, or rain forests?

The rules  of the challenge are simple. 
• Use any material you like to realize your vision. If you need to hone your hard metal skills - use traditional fabrication. If you're a whiz with photoshop or have access to (and the knowledge of) CAD software - illustrate a masterpiece. If you have a complex idea you need to work out - make a polymer clay or paper maquette. Or just take the plunge and create something fabulous out of our favorite material, metal clay. 
• Design any piece of jewelry out of any material, any size; shape or color. It can even be purely conceptual. This is a challenge you set yourself. Designed to inspire you to work outside of your usual comfort zone. Some of our Senior Instructors will even be joining in (although they're not eligible for the prize).

Interpret the theme "Wearing of the Green" in any way and post the results in the CornerStone Challenge Flickr group
• Include a description of how you made your piece and tell us about your inspiration. There's a space for text right under the photo.
• Be sure to write your real name with the description of the piece.
• The winner will be notified via Flickr mail.

The prize this month is a $25.00 gift certificate for anything your heart desires (like how I tied that in?) on the PMC Connection website. The winner will also be featured in our newsletter and right here on the blog. The final day to post your work will be April 1st. No foolin'. The winner will be chosen using a random number generator and announced here on April 4th. Here's to creativity, new paths and pushing ourselves to be all that we can be.


Phoenix said...

I'll play! I'll play . . . good thing we got til 4/1 cuz right now . . . I got nothin' :) but I'll come up with sumpting . . . most likely 3/30. What a great challenge . . . so broad

Sharon said...

I going to play too. Sounds great.
Sharon Gillespie

Teva Chaffin said...

Very exciting! Green is by far my favorite. Count me in.

Lora Hart said...

Yay! I'm so excited to see the lovelies you lovelies make.

Mary Ellin D'Agostino said...

Green. Yum. My favorite color. Maybe I will get around to posting the pic of my piece for the last challenge too.... Piece is mostly done, but not polished or photographed. What can I say, I am slow. A day late and a picture short.

Lora Hart said...

Post anytime ME. Glad to have you playing along!

Deborah Lee Taylor said...

One of my favorite colors too! This will be fun! Glad to be a part of this. :)

loisinman said...

O.K. You got me this time--no great ideas yet, but I'll work on it. Green . . . hmmm . . . veggies?

Lorena Angulo said...

I posted my pictures in the Flickr group ! Love green !!! I am just waiting for them to be accepted ;o).