Monday, March 21, 2011

An Invitation and A Question Answered

Posted by Jennifer Roberts

The Invitation
We are all asked to take a lot of surveys in our lives. So many, that I often wonder if anyone actually looks at the results. But the new survey published by the The PMC Guild and Mitsubishi is one you don’t want to miss. They want to know who you are and how they can better serve you – and they are listening to your responses.

Changes in the metal clay world seem to be happening faster and faster every day. Here is your chance to shape the future of PMC – take the survey today!

A Question Answered
From time to time, we notice a pattern in the questions from our customers and this blog seems like the perfect place to provide answers. One of the most frequent goes some like “Why did my PMCC order come in a (fill in the blank) box? That blank could contain things like “office supply,” “computer equipment,” ‘dog food,” “bicycle parts” - you name it.

The answer is simple. We believe that it is important to reuse before you recycle and we have incorporated that principle into the way we do business. Not only do we bring our used boxes to the office, but our friends and friends-of-friends save their boxes for us. So, if your PMCC order comes in a box that was once the home for birdseed or a wireless router – consider paying it forward and sending that box on another journey the next time you ship.

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