Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Deadlines and Details

Well, today is the last day to get your images to Lark Books for the next 500 Rings book. But you have two more days to submit a design based on the theme "Wearin' of the Green" to our Creative Key challenge!

The rules of the challenge are simple:
• Use any material you like to realize your vision. If you need to hone your hard metal skills - use traditional fabrication. If you're a whiz with photoshop or have access to (and the knowledge of) CAD software - illustrate a masterpiece. If you have a complex idea you need to work out - make a polymer clay or paper maquette. Or just take the plunge and create something fabulous out of our favorite material, metal clay. 
• Design any piece of jewelry out of any material, any size; shape or color. It can even be purely conceptual. This is a challenge you set yourself. Designed to inspire you to work outside of your usual comfort zone. Some of our Senior Instructors will even be joining in (although they're not eligible for the prize).

 Interpret the theme "Wearing of the Green" in any way and post the results in the CornerStone Challenge Flickr group
Include a description of how you made your piece and tell us about your inspiration. There's a space for text right under the photo.
• Be sure to write your real name with the description of the piece.
• The winner will be notified via Flickr mail.

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