Monday, February 28, 2011

Mountain Laurels and Metal Clay

Posted by Jennifer Roberts

The semi-annual PMCC International Artists Retreat is a wonderful educational experience for anyone interested in metal clay. Great teachers, a huge variety of classes, lots of new tools and toys to peruse. You know all that.

But the retreat is more than just a great learning opportunity – it’s a great vacation. So, while you contemplate all of the wonderful classes and teachers on the schedule, don’t forget some of the things that make the retreat an experience you will remember.

- The Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts. It is truly a beautiful, serene, inspirational place to be.

- Getting there and going home. If you are flying, you will find that fares to Knoxville are a great bargain. Fly in, take a shuttle to the campus, and you are set for the week. If you plan to drive, build in some extra time for stopping along the way and enjoying the Great Smoky Mountains. During the month of May, this entire region is gorgeous and an extra day to see part of the Appalachian Trail or the Blue Ridge Parkway is time well spent.

- Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Whether you plan some time to visit or you send your family there to play while you enjoy a class, this place is loaded with fun stuff to do. Bicycling, camping, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, waterfalls, wild flowers, and wildlife. This park is America’s most visited national park for good reason. Arrive a few days early and you can even take part in the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage.

- Good food. Really good food. The staff at Arrowmont takes good care of us and the food is no exception. Homemade every day - the breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets are packed with delicious food. I am a picky vegetarian and I usually wind up eating very little at these affairs. Not so at Arrowmont.

- No grocery lists, carpools, meetings, or deadlines. Breakfast is a short walk away from your room on a beautiful campus. Classrooms are right across the drive from meals. Free time is for finishing projects, walking through the beautiful grounds, and sitting on the porch enjoying new friends. It’s an easy place to be quiet and create. Of all the reasons to go, this is the big one. Give yourself permission to set the noise of everyday life aside for a week, slow down, take in the beautiful setting, and then turn your full attention to your next metal clay creation.

Make your plans to attend today!


Deborah Lee Taylor said...

This sounds intriguing..I am close to this location. The drive and surrounding areas are beautiful and inspirational. Nice to know they have good food! That was the one thing I thought was hard to come by!
Thanks for sharing this.

Lora Hart said...

Hope to meet you there Deborah! Thanks for leaving a comment.