Friday, January 28, 2011

Whazzat Mean?

Posted by Lora Hart
Artistic Advisor

Did you notice the phrase "Great Grey Goop" over there in the Welcome message? Have you ever heard it before? I can't actually remember where I first heard it. It's a description of metal clay that Linda Kaye Moses came up with many moons ago. Linda says "I initiated the use of the phrase Great Grey Goop to add a little levity to our favorite material, somehow this phrase just seemed obvious to me. I began calling [metal clay] the GGG when I started using it... if it has a silly name, then it's not so intimidating to use, right?"

Anti-War Medal #3
The Purple Blossom of Tears Medal replaces the Purple Heart. It rewards compassion and sorrow. Compassion for humanity and all living things. Deep sorrow for those who have suffered as a result of war.
Linda is working on a five piece project now that should take her about a year to complete. Five jewels accompanied by five nesting boxes. The collection will be shown in three exhibitions in New England in 2012. Linda is the author of Pure Silver Metal Clay Beads and teaches regularly at Snow Farm in Massachusetts

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