Monday, January 17, 2011

Take a Picture Why Don'cha!

Posted by Lora Hart
Artistic Advisor

Didja notice that slide show of pretty jewels down there in the right sidebar? I've instructed the Flickr robots to scour all the photos that were uploaded there to look for a specific tag word. They'll pick the most recent 20 pics and send them over here so we can see what wonderful work is being made  all over the world. Every time a new photo appears on someone's photostream, it will replace the oldest one in our slide show. 

PMC Connection would love to see the fabulous work you all are creating, so I'd like to invite you all to join Flickr and tag one photo (any color clay) you'd like to appear here with the word pmccmetalclay. It's easier to spell this way than to remember to use quotes when using two or more words for a single tag as in "pmcc metal clay".  Every time you'd like to change the photo that appears here, just tag a new one with pmccmetalclay too. But PLEASE remember to remove the tag from the first pic. There are only 20 photos in the slideshow and we want to give everyone a chance to show off their work.

Flickr is more than a way to store your photographs. It's another social networking site that is becoming more important for making contacts and marketing than ever before. On Flickr you can make friends, leave comments and form small communities of cyber friends - but you don't have to work that hard if you don't have the time or interest. One of the most important reasons to be a part of Flickr (IMHO) is that it is an international showcase for your work. People go there to search for images, look for inspiration and occasionally to seek out professional contacts. I have been contacted by an editor from Belle Armoir (an opportunity I did not take advantage of) and by Marthe LeVan, the editor of Lark Books asking for images for a new book (an opportunity I leapt at). The photographs you post to Flickr don't have to be high quality, submission ready, professional images. All of mine are what I call "quick and dirty". Taken in my sunny window on a broken piece of Carrara marble (from my parents old fireplace). Here's my Flickr address. If you make me one of your contacts I promise I'll make you a contact too.

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