Monday, January 24, 2011

Have you heard about Meetup Groups?

Posted by Peggy Houchin
Director of Education Marketing

If you're thinking of beginning a teaching career, starting a local guild, or just looking for people in your local area that share your love of metal clay or any other hobby or interest, Meetup Groups may be perfect for you.

I started my
N. Colorado Metal Clay Meetup group about a year ago. I have had great success advertising and promoting my metal clay classes and meeting new people in my local area that are interested in metal clay. So far, I have 34 members (and growing every day) and the majority of them have taken one or more of my classes.

The initial start-up fee is a very affordable $54 ($9/month for 6 months). After that, the fee is $72 for 6 months and you can cancel at any time. I found the website very user-friendly so if you're not a techno-geek, it's simple and easy to get started and keep updated. You can create blog posts, upload photos, schedule meetups and post ideas without having a degree in computer science!

In addition, you can easily interact with other Meetup groups that share your interests. For example, my Meetup group interfaces with a metalsmithing group in the Boulder area (about 40 miles from my area). Several members of a local polymer clay guild have also joined my meetup group. It's great if you are planning to travel to another area and want to find local artists. Check it out!

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