Monday, December 13, 2010

Look Out World!

Welcome to CornerStone, PMC Connection's new blog. The blog will go live on January 1st, but we want you all to know about the exciting changes coming up for us. Here's a press release that went out on December 9 to various publications.

PMC Connection Announces
New Leadership for Education Program

December 9, 2010
Mesquite, Texas

PMC Connection Education Directors Mary Ann and Ken Devos made the move from administration to full-time teaching in 2010. With vacancies in the Director roles, PMCC took the opportunity to overhaul its education program and diversify the leadership of its teachers.

PMC Connection is pleased to announce four new Directors of its Education program:
Director of Certification Curriculum and Teacher Development - Linda Kline
Artistic Advisor - Lora Hart
Director of Education Marketing - Peggy Houchin
Technical Advisor - Mary Ellin D'Agostino

By bringing more voices to the leadership of its educational offerings, PMCC hopes to create an environment where educators and artisans are continuously exchanging ideas and sharing best practices about metal clay, art, and teaching.

Jennifer Roberts, PMCC President explained, "The best teachers are always learning themselves. The metal clay world is experiencing exciting innovation at a rapid rate, at the same time new tools for running a business and reaching out to students appear every day. Our Senior Instructors will lead the conversations about this new territory and they have much to offer our educators and metal clay world.

"I love teaching and being able to share my passion with other metal clay enthusiasts," said new PMCC Artistic Advisor, Lora Hart. Hart's new PMCC blog CornerStone will launch in January 2011. "With interviews, monthly challenges and a variety of thought provoking posts, my goal is to explore the world of art/studio jewelry and create a friendly gathering place for both our Senior Instructor team members and all fans of PMC Connection," explained Hart.

By splitting the leadership among the four directors, PMCC plans to delve more deeply into each area and to provide even greater resources for metal clay artisans and educators. At the same time, PMCC will continue to benefit from the expertise of Mary Ann and Ken Devos, who were pioneers of metal clay and have evolved into
experts in the field. Roberts explained, "We are thrilled that Mary Ann and Ken will remain a vital part of the PMC Connection team."

The new directors are assuming their responsibilities gradually and all will be in place by January 2011.

PMC Connection is a leading supplier of metal clays - providing supplies, education, and inspiration to artisans


Janet Alexander said...

Nice blog site. I like the photos of work by the instructors and the links.

Jeannette LeBlanc said...

Very clean and fresh look! Love the content--especially the link to our magazine site! Thank you! I'll be back to this blog to see what's new.
Jeannette LeBlanc
Metal Clay Artist Magazine

RiverGirl Designs said...

Very nice blog site. I really like the clean uncluttered look. I have added it to Blogshelf on my iPad and will come back frequently

Angela Crispin said...

Excellent team, wonderful choice ! Bravo to all of you ! Can't wait to see what the artistic advisor has in store ;o)

Craftworx Studio said...

Great start gang
looking forward to seeing loads more